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What's a New Department?

We're a full stop media shop. From strategy to implementation, we eliminate the layers of traditional agencies, and work hand in hand with both client and creative agency to deliver impactful messaging. Our experience is firmly rooted in both brand and performance, supply and demand, and we always lead with quality.


What We Do


Holistic solutions that work together


Digital and traditional across brand & performance


Unlock quality revenue for your app or website

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Our Values

The New Department is an unlikely communications agency. We believe that paid media has the power to save journalism, shape our leaders, and change the world. Brands power these conversations more than ever before, and they need trusted advisors in the space. The New Department is focused on driving quality interactions on trusted platforms. We don’t spend our client’s budget on entities that support racism, sexism, bigotry, or hate.



Our clients have a unique voice in culture, value quality placements above all else, and tell their stories in interesting ways.

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